Customize the Baby Gym

custom gym (3)

At two months old, chances are your baby spends a lot of time on his or her back staring up at the toys on a playgym, and will continue to do so until he or she can sit in another few months – that’s a lot of time staring up at the same toys!

Today I did a little switch-e-roo for Veronika, mixing up the toys. Snap-on ones from her Cricket Crate were perfect, as well as a few other Velcro toys that hang down and can attach safely.

custom gym (1)

She seemed to love the change of scenery, doing lots of reaching…

custom gym (2)

…and kicking.

custom gym (5)

Whoops, she seems not so sure about Mr. Octopus here!

custom gym (6)

This a great thing to get in the habit of doing weekly for your little one. I even hung a set of plastic teaspoons for Travis, when he was a few months old! Anything that can safely dangle and entertain will keep that little one happy while you get things done around the house.

custom gym (4)


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