Sing a Lullaby

Sing Lullaby (2).JPG

Phew! After a first few hectic days at home, adjusting to life with two, I’m taking time during nursing sessions or before bed to sing Veronika lullabies.

I love lullabies, and I particularly love singing them while nursing, even if bedtime isn’t shortly to follow (newborns are in and out of sleep so often, that pretty much any time counts as nap time!). Singing keeps me present and in the moment, instead of turning to my phone or another distraction. Plus it engages her senses, and helps us bond. If she dozes off at the end of the song, so much the better!

Sing Lullaby (1)

Some traditional ones to sing include: “Baa Baa Black Sheep”; “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”; “Rock-a-Bye Baby”; “Hush Little Baby”; and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” But don’t stop there! Almost anything can be a lullaby if you sing it with the right intention. To wit, some others I love for little babies include:

The Water is Wide

Little Drummer Boy

Slip Sliding Away

Those Were the Days


Blowing in the Wind

Scarborough Fair

I adore singing for my children so much that I even recorded an a cappella lullaby CD when Travis was small! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician or can’t carry a tune… I hope this post inspires some singing for your little one today.

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