Mama’s Scent

Mama's Scent (1)

One of the biggest differences between baby one and baby two is that I can’t always be there for Veronika as I was for Travis – school drop-off, Halloween events, you name it. Even in one week, I’ve learned that I can’t be in two places at once.

Fact is, whether your newborn is your first or your fourth, you’re going to be away from them eventually. But you can leave a little bit of yourself behind – your scent that is. Newborns have a remarkably attuned sense of smell (able to distinguish their mother’s milk from another mom’s milk, for example), which is their most developed sense at birth.

If you’re like me, then you have a burp cloth draped around you pretty constantly. I especially have one on my shoulder while nursing Veronika, so it’s covered in my scent (And in leaked milk!). And this makes it the perfect item to leave behind.

Case in point, today while I went grocery shopping with Travis, the burp cloth was left behind to bring comfort.

Mama's Scent (2)

You don’t want to leave the cloth with a baby who is unattended (nothing in the crib until a year old, remember!) but under supervision, the scent may just help a crying baby settle down.

Mama Scent (3)


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