Hang a Mobile

hang mobile (5)

I’ve been meaning to hang an old mobile above Veronika’s crib for quite some time, but in full disclosure…we haven’t even bought a mattress for the crib yet, since she’s so comfy in her bassinet!

But I didn’t want to lose that small window of time for a mobile; by the time babies are grabbing things down around 6 months old, they become a hazard, so two or three months of age is really the sweet spot. We’ve had items temporarily dangling over her, but I wanted something more permanent for her to enjoy.

hang mobile (1)

So today, I screwed a small wall hook above her diaper table, and put the mobile there. Now it’s the perfect visual during our daily diaper changes, since she spends a lot of time looking up from here!

hang mobile (3)

The screw gives me flexibility as well; to keep things interesting, I can also hang our Cricket Crate mobile there on occasion.

hang mobile (4)

For a fun DIY “mobile” idea, you can also attach small felt animals or toys to the spokes of a bright umbrella. First I tied strings onto the umbrella’s spokes.

hang mobile (6)

We affixed felt finger puppets to the end of each string – a nice reuse of this project!

hang mobile (7)

Rather than secure the umbrella from the ceiling and risk it falling, I simply held it over Veronika and spun it around, to her great delight.

hang mobile (8)

What’s hanging from your baby’s mobile? Please share in the comments!

hang mobile (9)


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