What’s Hanging?

Whats Hanging (1)

At a day shy of two weeks old, Veronika does a lot of lying on her back and just looking. So I wanted to give her something visual as stimulation!

A game I found suggested installing a plant hook over a baby’s crib, but this wasn’t practical for several reasons; we rent our home, rather than own it, and I didn’t want to screw hooks into the ceiling. Also, these days she’s usually in her bassinet, wheeling about the apartment, and not often in her crib.

Instead, I re-purposed an old mobile hook, attaching it to the side of the bassinet. From the hook at the top, you can suspend multiple items that your infant might enjoy looking at.

Scarves were great, especially because they blow in the breeze when you aim a fan at them!

Whats Hanging (2)

We also tried Christmas decorations…

Whats Hanging (3)

…and a stuffed animal.

Whats Hanging (4)

Anything bright with sharp contrast is great for this age. What’s hanging above your child’s crib? Do be sure to remove all objects or mobiles once a baby is old enough to reach for them.


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