Welcome to My World

Welcome to World (2)

The task today: to see the world as your three-month-old does! This sweet little exercise will have you understanding your baby’s world a little better, as well as provide you with sweet mementos.

To start the fun, I needed my instant camera. I got down in places where Veronika spends most of her time and prepared to snap some pics.

It was actually really illuminating to be on my back in her little playgym, staring up at all the toys dangling and the ceiling high above. As adults, we don’t tend to stare at the ceiling very often!

Next I took photos from upward angles in her bassinet, diaper table, swing, and car seat. Her view is indeed different from a grown-ups, and the toys all seemed so much bigger.

Big siblings may enjoy helping with the game, since it can provide understanding of a pre-verbal little brother or sister. I encouraged Travis to take pictures of some of her toys, at the angle that Veronika sees them.

Welcome to World (1)

Here’s his take on how she sees some toys, and our kids’ table.

Welcome to World (4)

He also snapped mommy lying down on the floor, trying to get the best three-month-old vantage point, ha.

Welcome to World (5)

In addition, make sure to get a few snaps of things your baby loves the most right now – favorite toys, favorite places to sit, etc. These are sure to be a sweet memento in years to come!

Welcome to World (3)


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