My Punny Valentine Tacos

Taco Bout (9).JPG

It’s the second year that Travis and I are on the hook to produce Valentine’s cards for all his classmates, and we turned once more to Parents magazine. This year, all of the Valentine’s Day cards featured cute puns about food. I asked Travis to pick his favorite, so tacos it was!

First we traced circles onto yellow cardstock. You want the circles to be about 5 inches across, so a DVD makes the perfect item to trace. Travis was so proud that he traced all 20 of the ones we made, his circles getting neater and neater each time.

Taco Bout (2)

Next we folded the circles in half. Be sure to make a nice crease

Taco Bout (4)

Fill one half of the “taco shell” with glue, and press on green shredded paper. Travis was so into this material, since we’ve never used it before. Let dry.

Taco Bout (5)

Our counter was starting to look like a taco stand!

Taco Bout (7)

Once the “lettuce” dried, we add a few red “tomatoes” to each taco – with red heart stickers of course.

Taco Bout (8)

On the front of each taco shell, I wrote out “Taco ’bout a good friend! Love Travis”. Note: You can also write this on the inside of the shell, if preferred.

Travis was so excited about this project, and proud that we had shells, lettuce, and tomatoes in our tacos. We can’t wait to give them to the class!


Taco Bout (10)

What are you making for Valentine’s Day this year? Please share in the comments.



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