Bookmarks with Heart

Hole Punch (9)

You know you’ve got kids in school when you’re on the hook to produce Valentine’s for the class for the first time! This adorable and easy idea from Parents magazine was the perfect craft to put together with Travis. Although I had to do some components, I loved that he got to collaborate as well, making this truly his project for the class.

To start, print the bookmark template from onto colored paper. We used pink and red construction paper.

Hole Punch (1)

The template reads: I like you a hole punch, but the o’s are missing – you’ll fill them in later with a hole punch, of course.

Next, I purchased patterned scrapbook paper and cut into rectangles that were 2 inches wide by 6 and 1/2 inches long – slightly larger than the printed bookmarks. This is a fun chance to do some measuring and ruler practice with your child.

Hole Punch (3)

Here came Travis’s big role! He loved smearing a glue stick onto the patterned paper, after which I adhered the bookmark templates to the center – we had a great assembly line going!

Hole Punch (5)

As mentioned in previous blogs, Travis loves when he gets to use the hole punch, so this was a big hit. Go through and punch the o’s in the word ‘you’ and ‘hole’ on each bookmark.

Hole Punch (7)

We finished our Valentine’s with a heart sticker and his name on each.

Hole Punch (8)

Can’t wait to deliver these to the class for the Valentine’s party!

Hole Punch (10)

3 thoughts on “Bookmarks with Heart

  1. Thomas says:

    This is a great idea. We sometimes leave notes in our little daughters snack box to make sure she knows we are thinking of her while she is in school. Will try this out and make bookmarks. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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