Homemade Stickers

Homemade Stickers (9).JPG

Not only will these lick-and-stick homemade stickers really stick, but they taste great too! The secret is a little bit of vegan gel dessert (such as Simply Delish).

Homemade Stickers (1)

To make the “glue,” first mix 1 tablespoon of any flavored gel powder into 2 tablespoons boiling water.

Homemade Stickers (2)

Your kids may want to draw their own stickers, but Travis preferred to dictate what I should draw, and I put together a little set for him.

Homemade Stickers (4)

Cut out your stickers, and paint the back of each with a generous layer of the gel; let dry.

Homemade Stickers (5)

While I don’t recommend sticking these any place that shouldn’t have food on it, we decided it would be perfect to make a collage on construction paper. To adhere, give the stickers a lick!

Homemade Stickers (6)

Travis was absolutely delighted with the taste, and had to lick every single one, meaning we had our collage in short order.

Homemade Stickers (8)

Keep this activity in mind for the next time your little one is under the weather. It’s the perfect calm game to play, with an added sweet treat at the end as a bonus.