Friendship Heart Necklace

Friendship Heart (13)

Here’s the final craft we’re putting together this Valentine’s Day, this time thinking of a few special friends. Even if it’s not Valentine’s, this is a great craft to ask your kids who their best friends are, and to talk about budding concepts of friendship and the emotions that go with it. Also, the idea of keeping half of something for yourself and giving the other half away was a bit novel for my preschooler, so I’m glad we did the activity!

First, we needed simply to have fun with clay! Travis has become quite adept at rolling clay between his hands to form a ball.

Friendship Heart (1).JPG

From here, I showed him how to flatten the balls into discs, and I asked him how we might cut out a heart shape. You can just use cookie cutters, but Travis is very into his chisel tool, so we chiseled. It helped if I made the outline of a heart for him to follow, first.

Friendship Heart (3)

Next, chisel each heart in a zig-zag down the middle, so you have two halves for each one.

Friendship Heart (7)

Punch a hole into each heart piece near the top with a chisel or straw, then let the clay air-dry overnight.

Friendship Heart (8)

The next day, we decorated. First, Travis applied a coat of watercolor. He decided the jagged halves looked a bit like teeth, ha!

Friendship Heart (10)

Then we painted on a layer of tacky glue so he could adhere beads and confetti pieces. Glitter would be pretty, too.

Friendship Heart (11)

We had the perfect beads with letters on them that could be used for friends’ initials, a great find in the craft bin!

Friendship Heart (12)

I cut strands of colored twine for necklace strings, and then our friendship hearts were ready to be shared with good buddies.

Friendship Heart (14)