Yogurt Hearts

Yogurt Hearts (4)

This sweet idea from our February issue of Ranger Rick Jr. was just one way to eat hearts this Valentine’s Day. And of course you can make them any day you want to share some love!

I set up a plate with two heart-shaped cookie cutters, one large and one small, and a container of non-dairy yogurt – for the prettiest result, choose a red berry flavor like strawberry or raspberry.

Yogurt Hearts (1)

Travis was a great helper scooping the yogurt into the big heart, and I filled up the trickier small one.

Yogurt Hearts (2)

Put in the freezer for 2 hours, until firm. If you need to, run a little hot water around the cookie cutters to release your hearts.

Yogurt Hearts (3)

The middle of the heart stayed a little mushier, more like soft-serve ice cream, and we worked our way out to the more frozen edges.

Yogurt Hearts (5)