Creative Crowns

Creative Crown (8)

In our ongoing quest for the best kingly crown, Travis and I found this method – simple as can be, and no glue required!

First, cut a piece of contact paper long enough to wrap around your child’s head, and twice as wide as you want the final product to be; tape down to a work surface and peel the paper backing off only half of the sticky paper.

Creative Crown (1)

I set Travis up with a variety of materials that he could adhere to the contact paper, using what we had in our craft bin: pipe cleaner pieces, yarn pieces, bits of construction paper and felt, and strips of decorative washi tape. Patterned fabric pieces and stickers would also be great for this craft!

Creative Crown (2)

He set about arranging the items on the sticky paper. Ideally, the pieces will point upwards like the points of a crown, but Travis preferred some of his sideways instead.

Creative Crown (4)

This was a great chance to talk about the difference between horizontal and vertical as he worked!

Creative Crown (5)

Once Travis declared his crown finished, I removed the remaining paper backing and folded the sticky paper over on itself; he loved helping seal in the decorations.

Creative Crown (6)

Simply use clear packing tape to fasten the crown into a circle, then let your child be king or queen for the day!

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