Shadow Show

Shadow Show (2)

I haven’t used a flashlight during play with Veronika since she was quite little, and today I wanted to put on a little show for her. To be honest, she was more into my hands than their shadowed counterpart on the wall, but either way, she was entertained!

Shadow Show (1)

Set your child someplace dim, and shine a flashlight on one wall. First, I gave a simple wave to introduce her to the idea of shadows.

Shadow Show (8)

Next, try making animal shapes! A butterfly was fun.

Shadow Show (4)

And this was something like a barking dog.

Shadow Show (5)

For each shape, you can act out a story, if your little one is captivated.

We then thought it would be fun to show her the shadow of certain toys. Big brother Travis loved helping with this part!

Shadow Show (7)

So although she wasn’t as into the shadows as the whole process, Veronika sure enjoyed our show.

Shadow Show (6)


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