Kindergarten Home School Week 5: Wednesday

Home School 23 d

Well, today was not as rough as Monday, not as fantastic as yesterday, but I can accept a middle-of-the-road middle of the week here in Covid-19 home school. Don’t forget to share how your day went in the comments!

9-10: ELA: Today’s focus was on the sounds in words. I put ten objects in a pillowcase, all with one syllable (pen, car, etc.).

Home School 23 a

As Travis drew them out, he tapped out the sounds on his fingers, so, for example pen has three distinct sounds (p, e, and n). He enjoyed the tactile nature of the game. He then did one letter page in his workbook and 30 full minutes on Lexia but then…

10-11: Math. When I asked him to come to his math lesson, he had a meltdown. I recommended free play and recess, but that didn’t cut it. So I pulled out a surprise (his latest package from Little Passports; stay tuned for my full recap!). Even this didn’t really reset him so I sort of just talked him through the lesson on 3-D shapes, despite a fun rap song to watch and a scavenger hunt.

Home School 23 c

11-11.30: Social studies. Travis watched videos on nurses and farmers as two important community jobs. He drew a picture of a farmer and wrote a sentence about how they help. Eating lunch after he told me, “Mom I ate my crops!” A cute, positive moment in the day.

Home School 23 f

11.30-1: Long lunch/free play.

1-1.30: Library. For his special today, we watched his librarian do a story read online of Tops and Bottoms, and do a silly bunny rabbit finger play.

Home School 23 e

1.30-2.30: Outside! We took a long walk. It was cold but sunny and it did everyone good.

We rounded out the afternoon with a bunch of miscellany, whether playing the card game Uno, fitting in a STEM craft on muscles, or just letting the siblings play.

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