Soapy Sensory Bottle

toddler 1 (5)

Many thanks must go to Hands on As We Grow for sparking the idea for this first adventure on our blog. Since it’s the first post here, I kept it a simple one! I’ve actually done similar activities with Travis at earlier ages, but he seemed more into it this go-around than in the past. The set up is as simple as can be.

Use any clean, clear plastic jar with a screw-on lid (I like empty Folgers coffee jars, but peanut butter tubs would also work well). Fill half way with water. For visual excitement, I added a few drops of Color Kitchen’s Beet Red food coloring, tinting the water a nice pink.

toddler 1 (1)

I let Travis take a look at the water at this stage so he’d have a before and after comparison, then built up the suspense as we dribbled in Seventh Generation dish detergent and screwed on the lid.

toddler 1 (6)

He gave the bottle a few shakes when I asked him to, but was more interested in rolling it on the floor.

toddler 1 (4)

In full disclosure, he did quickly lose interest once he learned I wouldn’t take the top off, the same reaction he had in the past when I tried a soda bottle “lava lamp,” and when we played a game involving sealed bottles with shaking elements (such as rice and coins) inside. He wants to touch the stuff, not look at it!

toddler 1 (2)

So, a few moments of good fun, but likely not one I’ll return to.

toddler 1 (3)

If your child is equally frustrated by the lid, an open-top soapy alternative is to full a large paper cup with water half way, add dish detergent, and blow bubbles with a straw. The resulting bubbles make almost a honeycomb pattern, which Travis loves scooping out onto his hands!

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