Dish Soap Foam

toddler 2 (5)

Travis loves bubbles and he loves when he can touch them, so I was very eager to try out this neat trick from Hands on As We Grow. Just a bit of water in the bottom of your food processor, followed by a few squirts of dish detergent whips up into a thick, foamy substance. Think closer to a shaving cream than to the foamy bubbles you see while washing dishes.

toddler 2 (1)

I whirled up the mixture and set Travis up with scoops (an ice cream scoop worked particularly well here), ladles, and various other utensils.

toddler 2 (2)

He took to it, but was not as interested in feeling the mixture as I thought he would be, aside from clapping his hands together a few times to make bubbles fly, and declaring that the mixture was “sticky.”

toddler 2 (6)

Remarkably, he lost interest very fast, I think because the loud sound of the food processor scared him during preparation! When I asked him if he wanted me to give it a second whirl to make it thick and foamy again, he said/signed “all done” and moved on to other toys.

toddler 2 (7)

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