Spaghetti Potion

toddler 3 (7)

This three-ingredient project couldn’t be easier, and was a huge hit.

I’m on a sensory play kick with Travis, but in the wake of his short-lived interest in Dish Soap Foam, I thought he might be averse to dipping his hands into the gooey spaghetti concoction I made. Boy was I wrong: he couldn’t get enough of the stuff!

To set up the craft, cook a batch of spaghetti (or use leftover cooked spaghetti). Drain and toss with cold water, then arrange on a disposable foil pan. I drizzled the pasta with just a touch of corn syrup for stickiness (as well as to combat dryness), and added a sprinkle of natural red food coloring, and then let the mixture cool.

toddler 3 (4)

When we returned home from a hair cut (always a bit of a traumatic experience), I asked Travis if he wanted a super fun new game as a treat for being brave in the barber’s chair. We set out the foil tray and a colander, and he immediately fell to transferring the spaghetti by huge handfuls from one container to the other and back again.

toddler 3 (6)

He very quickly decided the spaghetti looked like “vines,” too (we recently had a day of play centered around a jungle theme, so the comparison was forefront in his mind). So he then began singing the Jungle Dance song from an episode of Daniel Tiger (season 1, episode 10) and told me his spaghetti was “shaking like a rattlesnake” and “swinging like a monkey.” This made for delectable fun as the spaghetti was transferred from container to container.

toddler 3 (1)

Huge smiles on this mama’s face.

toddler 3 (3)

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