Gooey Squishy Bag

toddler 4 (4)

This past weekend, Travis and I woke up with a quiet Sunday ahead of us (my husband away on a business trip), and I wanted to set the tone for a fun-filled day. So immediately after breakfast, I asked Travis if he wanted to see something very cool.

The original idea for this craft (thanks to Hands on as We Grow!) calls for orange hair gel, as it was done around Halloween. But here in mid-May, I wasn’t concerned about color, just texture, and decided light corn syrup would work perfectly as the gooey base in which to suspend some googly eyes.

I filled a large zip-top plastic bag with the corn syrup, and then added the googly eyes from my craft bin. (Eek, there weren’t as many left as I hoped, since we used them recently during a contact paper decorating session. However, I decided this lack worked in our favor, as it really gave Travis room to move each eye around, instead of having them crowded or bunched together).

Travis was mildly interested while the bag was still on our kitchen floor…

toddler 4 (1)

… But loved it once taped up to our window, where the morning light coming through made the effect even better.

toddler 4 (3)

He loved squishing the bag, declaring, “Squishy Bag!” and “Gooey!” and enjoyed sliding one eye at a time all the way up to the top and then back down again.

toddler 4 (5)

Taking a cue from Hands on As We Grow, I thought I’d see if he wanted to drive a car across the bag, for a funny squishy sensation. He gave his red jeep a few passes, but then preferred just to drive it along the windowsill.

toddler 4 (6)

I left the bag taped up and he returned to it throughout the day for more squeezes and eye-moving. Note to self to try this game at Halloween, when he’ll be old enough to understand the spooky concept of the holiday for the first time. The eyes should make for a good, not-too-scary decoration.

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