Penguin Cup Cozy


What could be cozier in the winter than a warming cup of hot cocoa? This adorable craft came to us care of High Five magazine. Travis was fascinated by the sock, and could help with the gluing portion of the craft, but I put the rest of the cozy together. Preschoolers can make the whole “penguin” themselves, though!

To start, cut the feet from a pair of black tube socks; discard or save for another use (like puppets!).


Slide the tube of the sock over a cup that can hold hot beverages. Cut white felt into the shape of a penguin’s face and a small triangle from orange felt for the beak. Glue to the sock.


You can either glue on googly eyes or draw on eyes with black marker.

Here’s our penguin doing an excellent job of keeping hot cocoa warm and cozy!


And here is Travis having his first-ever cup of hot cocoa. Needless to say, the project was a hit!


Instead of keeping the cozy for your child, it’s also a great do-it-yourself project that kids can make as a gift. If gifting, don’t forget to decorate a card with crayons for your recipient, then tuck inside the cup with the cozy on the outside!