L Week!

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We had lots to do in L week! As with our M Week exploration, there were definite hits and definite misses this week, based on Travis’ current preferences. Below is everything we played and learned, from which you can pick and choose.


Lighthouse: To kick off the week, I recycled an old activity we did when Travis was much younger. Set up pillows so they spiral up to a chair or stool, and give your child a flashlight. He or she is the beacon at the top of the lighthouse, guiding boats to safety! This is fun to do with lights dimmed before bedtime stories (particularly if you read about a lighthouse). Supervise closely, of course! I also pulled out an old lighthouse bath toy we have for tub time.


Leap frog/Lily pad: We set out lace doilies as “lily pads” but anything flat would work fine – carpet squares, colored mats etc. Then it was time to leap among them like frogs. Travis wasn’t interested until I pulled out frog stuffed animals, and then he hopped them around the lily pads and got more into it himself. Pardon the blurry action shot!


Don’t forget to ribbit!


Lion: Because Travis is a Leo, we have an over-abundance of lion toys, from stuffed animals and plastic figures…


…to a giant rocking lion. I left them out all week for solo play. We also acted out the hilarious book Lion Lessons, by Jon Agee. Definitely not bedtime reading, this one is sure to incite giggles, with lion yoga, pouncing, and prowling!

Puffy Paint Hearts (3).JPG

Love: We love the Daniel Tiger episode in which “making something is one way to say ‘I love you.'” While we discussed how hearts symbolize love, Travis and I made at-home puffy paint for a heart craft.


Leaves: Enlist your child to help you “rake” any last fall leaves on the ground (or just shuffle through the piles!) for some good gross motor activity. All we have left here are brown leaves, but I used those to fashion a simple crown for Travis. He was so proud to wear it, parading around as king of the forest.

L week (24).JPG

Library: We go to our local library every week, so perhaps it didn’t occur to Travis that this field trip was part of L week. But whether you go often or never, head over to your library. Many have toys in the children’s section, and of course you can cuddle up and read a book you love!


Logs: We made paper logs simply by rolling newspaper and taping, then pulled out our toy campfire food for indoor camping. I admit, Travis was much more into the food than the logs!


Lacing: Excellent fine motor skills practice for little hands, I recommend investing in a set of simple lacing cards. Ours feature fun shapes and pictures, and I left them out all week so Travis could pick up at his l-l-leisure.


Lights: Thanks to Christmas, lights abound this week! We took an outing one night after dark to find the prettiest twinkling lights in the neighborhood.


Little: One idea for this word is to have a little/big hunt around the house. Find a little version of an item, and then go hunting for the big version! L week is also the perfect chance to give a lap ride while singing Lttle Red Wagon. With your child on your lap, sing the following three verses:

[bounce child up and down] Bumping along in my little red wagon x3

Oh [name] aren’t you tried?

[lift one knee and then the other] The wheel is broken and the ride is bumpy x3

Oh [name] aren’t you tried?

[rock child back and forth] Try not to let the wagon tip over x3

Oh [name] aren’t you tried?

Travis then wanted to play with his own little wagon, which we hadn’t pulled out in ages!


And our weekly extras:

Fine art: Although a project we’ve done before, we’re always up for leaf rubbing. He’s older than the last time we did this activity, so really understood holding the crayons sideways to expose the leaf underneath.


Food: Travis sampled his first glass of lemonade as a special treat for the week. After describing it as sort of sour, he turned with a smile and said, “I like lemonade!”


Books: Some cute reads included Little Tug by Stephen Savage, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, The Grouchy Ladybug Eric Carle, and anything in the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney,


Songs: As mentioned above, watch Season 1, Episode 8 of Daniel Tiger, featuring the song “Making Something is One Way to Say I Love You”

Math: I hoped Travis could practice drawing lines – some straight, some wavy – and prompted him with talk about how some lines run next to each other and some cross each other, but he was uninterested. You’ll notice that he decided to make a line with some ketchup from lunch instead!


Lots more to come next week, so we’ll see you soon!

Puffy Paint Hearts


Say ‘I love you’ with this fun make-it-yourself paint. Children will love the puffy paint mixture, and a special adult will love receiving the final product, either as a card or stand-alone gift this holiday season!

To make our puffy paint, we combined the following:

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup tempera paint

Travis had so much fun mixing the gloppy paint together that it took a while before I could direct his attention to the rest of the craft!


I outlined several hearts on paper with pencil for him, and let him fill in the shapes with his puffy paint.


I also filled in one heart myself as an example, so he had a sense of what his final craft could look like, but don’t expect a toddler to get the heart exactly right!