K Week!

K week.JPG

We kicked off this week in our Letter of the Week play with a game of “Keep it Up”  – balloons that is! What toddler doesn’t love helping keep a bunch of balloons bouncing in the air?



From there, we found lots of fun in words that begin with K. Read on!


Kick: Speaking of kicking things off, fit in your child’s gross motor play this week by kicking a ball. With wintry weather outdoors, we decided to kick the soccer ball through the halls of our apartment building!


Kleenex: Every once in a while, it’s worth it to buy what I affectionately call a “sacrificial box” of Kleenex and let your child go to town, so this was one of those times. Their absolute delight is worth the “waste”. And before you consider it a waste, the Kleenex will last for quite a few games in your K week play. You can “swim” in big piles of them, send them in the air with a theatrical “achoo!”, use them to “clean” in make-believe play, then stuff back in the box and pull them out all over again.


Kazoo: A homemade kazoo is a cinch to make, and will provide endless entertainment marching and humming along favorite songs.


Keys: Puzzles featuring locks and keys are great for little fingers, so pull out any toys you have along this line. I also have a few sets of old keys that Travis loves to use for make-believe, testing in all the locks around the house.


Kiss: First read the hilarious book How About a Kiss for Me? by Todd Trapley. Then demonstrate kisses by applying lipstick and laying a smack on – hey! – Kleenex! Your child may or may not be interested in trying a lipstick kiss of his or her own.


King: We played with our castle blocks and toy king figurine…


… dressed up in capes like a royal king, and made a homemade crown (more on that below!).


Kite: I have a few insect-shaped kites that Travis loves fluttering over a fan, even when their isn’t enough wind outside for kite flying. If your weather cooperates, put together a plastic bag kite!

And our weekly extras:

Fine art: What better craft than a king’s crown? I cut points along two strips of construction paper for the crown’s spikes, then Travis decorated with jeweled stickers, pom poms, glue, and lots of glitter for a royally good mess. Once dry, staple the two pieces of paper together to fit your child’s head and put on for a royally good time.


Food: Kiwi was a fun tropical treat at breakfast this week. I also put together mini “kebabs” for dinner one night, with roasted bell peppers and Gardein beef. To make kebabs safe for little ones, thread the food on coffee straws instead of a skewer!


Books: The favorites this week were the above-mentioned How About a Kiss for Me? and Kitten’s Winter, by Eugenie Fernandes. Check your library for any books about kangaroos.

Songs: Travis enjoyed watching clips of both Kookaburra and Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Make sure to hum both on your kazoo after.

Math: The concept is a touch advanced, but we used a toy scale this week to talk about how things have weight. Because it’s K week, I discussed each item in kilograms rather than ounces. Travis thought the scale was fantastic, filling it with pennies, toting it around, and testing out numerous toys to see how far they made the arrow move. Even if he didn’t absorb the concept of kilograms, it was a nice introduction to the idea of weight and mass.


We’ll likely take a pause in our curriculum until the holidays are over – but we’ll see you in a jiffy for J week!