Matching Color Tree Art


This project turned out to be a little too simplistic for Travis, although I thought he’d love it since he’s very into glue sticks these days. As a result, I recommend it for younger tots just learning their colors, since Travis practically rolled his eyes at me (a hint of the teenage years to come!)

Still, I’m glad we did the project since it was simple and cute. I drew a tree on paper with brown marker for the trunk and green marker for the leaves, and set it aside.

I then enlisted Travis’s help tearing up a sheet of green and brown construction paper, which is always enjoyable of course.


Next it was time to smear the whole tree with a glue stick.


I then asked Travis which squares of torn paper should go where, green or brown for the trunk, and green or brown for the leaves?



Cue the above-mentioned eye rolling, but Travis did dutifully glue down the torn strips where they were supposed to go.


He liked the end result of the project, so we hung it on the fridge. But again, this one is probably better for tots just learning their colors.


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