Indoor Fishing


We took home a cool magnetic wand (a small magnet glued to a craft stick) from a workshop recently, so I wanted to continue the magnet play at home. Did you know pipe cleaners are magnetic? The outside is fuzzy, of course, but don’t forget that filament of metal in the middle! To play with the idea, we twisted colorful pipe cleaners into a school of fish.

Cut pipe cleaners in half, and simply twist the ends so each has a tail. You can also make large fish by not cutting the pipe cleaners in half first.

To make a fishing rod, we found a beautiful stick outside – the snow melted just in time! I attached the magnetic wand to the stick with a piece of string. Note: You could also skip the craft stick, and simply glue a magnet to the end of the string. Now we had our fishing pole – although around here, I tell Travis we are “rescuing” the fish with our fishing pole instead of “catching” them!


I set up our pipe cleaner fish on a piece of blue craft foam for a pond, and Travis loved this imaginative element to the game. He tried picking up some fish while standing with the full rod…


…but then preferred to hold the craft stick and pick up the fish more easily from the ground.


We then had fun pairing up the mama and baby fish (i.e. big and small) of each color, which was a cute exercise in size and colors.


What else can you find around the house that is magnetic and adheres to your wand or rod? Please share fun ideas in the comments!

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