Paint with Your Feet

Paint Feet (4)

We enjoyed tactile foot play earlier in the week with foot sensory bins, and continued the theme yesterday evening. This game would no doubt be even better on a bigger piece of fabric outside on a sunny day, but we made do on a rainy day with the bathroom floor and a plain white t-shirt from the craft store!

First, Travis chose his colors, and we filled a big bin with a generous portion of each.

Paint Feet (2)

I started out painting his foot one color at a time, and then he would stamp on the white shirt.

Paint Feet (3)

After a while, he wanted to paint his feet himself – and then painted his knee as well, to which I could only shrug, ‘why not?’. Then of course he had to try standing in the paint! (Note: hold your child carefully, paint is slippery). I would lift him out and place him on the t-shirt to take a few steps each time before he climbed back in the bin.

Paint Feet (5)

In retrospect, I wish we’d done this to music so he could have danced around, but I still loved our final product.

Paint Feet (6)


Clean Up for Earth!

Clean Up (4)

It’s never too early to teach your children love for this little planet we call home. We set out as a family this Earth Day to pick up trash at a local running trail. Find a park or trail near you on a beautiful day, and your kids will love it… and learn that everyone can help make a difference, no matter how small.

Travis was arguably most excited about the trash bags we carried along and the rubber gloves we got to wear, and headed off very proudly.

Clean Up (2)

Lots of bottle caps and candy wrappers in this neck of the woods!

Clean Up (1)

Whenever we found plastic or metal, we’d point out to Travis that those items don’t belong in the Earth.

Clean Up (3)

It was a beautiful nature excursion to appreciate Earth too, of course – butterflies and ants galore. Travis proudly helped throw our collection into the trash when we had finished.

Once we got home, I made a little pamphlet so we could remember what we had done and invited Travis to draw our adventure inside.

Clean Up (5)

The yellow was his plastic bag…

Clean Up (6)

…and then he told me this blue circle was Earth!

Clean Up (7)