Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals (3)

We always love adding to our homemade instrument collection, so I thought this project looked cute. The instruments were branded as “cymbals” although honestly they seemed more like castanets to me! But whatever you call them, the project is cute and easy.

Save 4 bottle caps, and have your child paint them in any color. To keep fingers from getting too messy, clip the bottle cap to a clothespin for easy application – genius!

Finger Cymbals (1)

We let the caps dry overnight, and then I cut two strips from cardboard to be the base. Fill each bottle cap very full (almost overflowing) with glue. Turn over and press onto the cardboard. Repeat with a second cap, so that when the cardboard is folded in half, the two caps will click together.

Finger Cymbals (2)

Let dry completely – then get clicking!

Finger Cymbals (4)

Paper Towel Flowers

Paper Towel Flowers (9)

Be prepared for several crafty flower posts in the next week or so. I have a case of spring fever, plus another flower-based theme I’m working on (stay tuned for more on that!…). So for starters, here is a lovely and easy flower craft that toddlers will adore.

Watercolor and paper towels makes for an innovative painting experience, because with just a light touch of the paint brush, the color will bleed across the paper towel. Travis had fun testing the limits of this for a little while.

Paper Towel Flowers (1)

We were using liquid watercolors for the first time, but you might consider sticking with regular watercolors. I confess, it was this mama who knocked over our yellow for the first spill, and Travis later decided to pour the watercolors back and forth to mix them, which resulted in a spilled cup of blue. So… User discretion advised!

Paper Towel Flowers (2)

Despite the silly mess, we ended up with three covered pieces of paper towel to turn into flowers.

Paper Towel Flowers (3)

Let dry completely, then invite your toddler to rip the paper towel into pieces – this part is sure to be a big hit!

Paper Towel Flowers (6)

I arranged the pieces into three piles, each stacked in order from largest to smallest. Fold up into a flower shape, and secure with a clothespin stem.

Paper Towel Flowers (7)

To add a dose of reality to our flowers, we then scented them with perfume! Travis was astounded that our flowers had a real smell, and soon was running all about the house waving them. A great spring craft.

Paper Towel Flowers (8)