Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals (3)

We always love adding to our homemade instrument collection, so I thought this project looked cute. The instruments were branded as “cymbals” although honestly they seemed more like castanets to me! But whatever you call them, the project is cute and easy.

Save 4 bottle caps, and have your child paint them in any color. To keep fingers from getting too messy, clip the bottle cap to a clothespin for easy application – genius!

Finger Cymbals (1)

We let the caps dry overnight, and then I cut two strips from cardboard to be the base. Fill each bottle cap very full (almost overflowing) with glue. Turn over and press onto the cardboard. Repeat with a second cap, so that when the cardboard is folded in half, the two caps will click together.

Finger Cymbals (2)

Let dry completely – then get clicking!

Finger Cymbals (4)

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