Chocolate Chip Cookie Fossil Dig!

Chocolate Chip Dig (1)

Digging for dinosaurs might be fun… but digging for chocolate? Even better!

We had some purely indulgent fun with this game, having talked a lot this week about digging for fossils and archaeology. I presented Travis with two chocolate chip cookies (one thin, one thick, for nice variation) and invited him to excavate the chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Dig (6)

Possible tools include toothpicks, forks, or toddler-safe knives.

The fork turned out to be the fast favorite.

Chocolate Chip Dig (4)

Although hands were a close second place!

Chocolate Chip Dig (3)

Did we eat our discoveries? But of course.

Chocolate Chip Dig (5)

Buzzing Bee Noisemaker

Bee Noise (5)

Parents, I need your hive mind to solve a mystery here – pun intended!

We wanted to make a delightful buzzy bee at home, and I copied instructions online (and quite similar to the New Year’s Eve Noisemaker we concocted back in January). But try as we might, our little bee wouldn’t buzz. Now, arguably this failure was Travis’s favorite part of the entire project; he got a kick out of me trying to make our bee buzz over and over. So, I’ll still consider the project a “success”! Needless to say, I’d love to hear if your buzzing bees work properly, or if you see the mistake I made in the steps below.

First, we trimmed an index card slightly, and decorated as a bee. I made one with alternating yellow and black stripes as an example, and Travis had fun trying to replicate my stripes on a second index card.

Bee Noise (4)

We did momentarily glue on yellow googly eyes to complete our happy bee’s face, but the glue barely had time to dry before the eyes fell victim to a toddler.

Bee Noise (6)

Eyes or no, we attached our bee to a wooden craft stick with a piece of sticky-back foam. Place a second craft stick on top.

Bee Noise (2)

Now secure the two craft sticks together at the edges using additional pieces of cut sticky-back foam.

Bee Noise (3)

Finally, stretch a rubber band around the craft sticks – and then try to make your bee buzz!