Rock On!

Rock On (3)

As any parent of a rock collector knows, rocks pretty much, well, rock! We’re always finding great stones to add to our collection, but I loved this project from High Five magazine because it upped the stakes a little – we needed to find flat rocks in order to make the project work.

Luckily an outdoor foray yielded just enough smooth flat ones to build a sculpture.

Rock On (8)

The first step was to paint them. I thought we’d use all three primary colors, but yellow didn’t show up very well on the dark gray rocks, so we mostly had a blue and red result.

Rock On (6)

This mama was particularly proud of a green shade she mixed, until a toddler came along and turned it brown – such is motherhood!

Rock on (9)

Let your rocks dry completely.

Rock On (1)

Once dry, we used our largest rock as the base and began gluing them together into a sculpture.

Rock On (2)

And of course what sculpture doesn’t need a healthy heaping portion of extra glue on top?

Rock On (4)

Overall, a very cute twist on rock collecting. What does your sculpture look like? Please share in the comments!