Storytelling, Two Ways

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We followed up our game of storytelling stones with two more neat games that will help activate your budding storyteller’s creativity, as well as foster a sense of narration and plot.

The first involved using index cards with pictures to fill in a line and change familiar stories in silly ways!

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I cut pictures from magazines and glued to index cards. You can add the word on the other side of the card, for preschoolers who are beginning to read.

Place the cards in a hat, and then pull out a favorite book – it helps if it is a story your child knows well, so they can anticipate the next word or line.

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At various points in the story, stop and pull a card from the hat, changing the story as needed. For example, “If you give a mouse a cookie…” might become “If you give a mouse a car…”

Fill In Story (2)

Travis couldn’t stop laughing, and requested several books in a row.

Next we started a tag-team style story. I prompted Travis with a sentence, and then asked him what he thought might happen next. The first few times I attempted the game, he didn’t get it… until I presented him with a little booklet to draw what was happening.


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Don’t be surprised or dismayed if the story doesn’t go how you had planned. I started what I thought might be a sweet story about a bear, and Travis said the bear had fire coming from him!

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Hey, at least it was creative! He wanted to keep drawing and making up stories (some nonsensical, others more clearly in story format) until all the yellow paper had been colored in.

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I will definitely continue both these games as Travis gets older.