Cardboard Postcard

Cardboard Post (6)

For kids interested in stamps and letters, this project is fantastic. Not only do they get to make a unique creation, but you can really mail it!

For sturdy backing, we made our postcards on cardboard, which I simply trimmed from a package that had arrived earlier in the week. Travis decorated with a “message” – he loves pretending to write words these days!

Cardboard Post (2)

I made sure to leave room on the side for lines and the address of our recipient.

Cardboard Post (1)

Turn the card over and decorate – we used glue and cut up pieces of tissue paper.

Cardboard Post (3)

If you like, use a paintbrush to deal your design with an additional layer of glue; this gives your creation a better chance of making it through the mail intact… though I confess we skipped this step!

Cardboard Post (7)

Once the glue dried, we were off to the post office! I think we made the clerk’s day when we showed her what we wanted to mail. Now your lucky recipient will receive a surprise in the mail!

Cardboard Post (8).JPG