Tissue Paper Night-Lights

Tissue Night-Light (6)

This is such a beautiful craft for any child afraid of shadows in their room at night. Not only will they feel the pride of having put it together, but the result is comforting and beautiful!

First we needed to tear multiple colors of tissue paper into small pieces. Any excuse to rip through tissue paper is welcome in this house!

Tissue Night-Light (1)

Once we had a pile of scraps, we mixed together glue with a splash of water in a cup.

Tissue Night-Light (2)

Travis loved painting every inch of our mason jar with the glue mixture – so much so that he wanted me to layer on the tissue paper while he continued to add more glue. He wasn’t content until every inch was covered!

Tissue Night-Light (4)

We set our mason jar aside to dry, and by naptime, it was ready!

Tissue Night-Light (5)

Use any battery-operated tea light, and place inside the jar. Travis loved taking the tea light in and out and screwing on the lid, testing the nightlight in several parts of his room until he found his favorite. What a success!

Tissue Night-Light (7)

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