Beach Memento Wind Chime

Beach Wind Chime (4).JPG

If your summer plans take you to the beach, bring a bit of the beach home with you with this neat project!

The first step of course is finding your treasures, so the next time you head to the beach, bring a shovel and pail; take a walk in the sand to comb through for the prettiest finds. We only found small pieces of shell at this particular beach, but they were a gorgeous assortment of colors – purples and whites and even gold!

Beach Wind Chime (1)

At home, find a sturdy stick and use twine to wind around your treasures, and then knot onto the stick. Travis loved “helping” with the winding and knotting.

Beach Wind Chime (2)

Once we had our treasures dangling in a row, we hung them outside where they could click and clack against each other.

Beach Wind Chime (3)

A super windy day made this project even better!

Beach Wind Chime (5)

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