Paper Plate Sea Creatures

Paper Plate Sea (8)

Travis is enamored with sea creatures now that we’ve returned from the shore. Luckily I had paper plates on hand upon our arrival home, which was all we needed to bring the sea to us!

Paper Plate Sea (1)

To start, I cut out several sea animal shapes from the plates. Travis was eager to help with the scissors, so with some adult guidance he helped cut the snips for jellyfish tentacles and octopus legs.

Paper Plate Sea (2)

Then it was time to decorate! Dot markers were a mess-free and perfect way to make our sea creatures colorful.

Paper Plate Sea (4)

Travis declared his orange and blue fish a clownfish without any prompting!

Paper Plate Sea (3)

Mommy added the smile and eyes onto our jolly octopus after Travis had dotted him all over with yellow.

Paper Plate Sea (5)

Let the paint dry, and then turn your living room into a giant ocean full of swimming sea creatures.

Paper Plate Sea (6)


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