Jack Frost

Jack Frost (5)

Frosty windows in July? As a follow-up to a recent “Christmas in July” event we attended, it was fun to be silly and bring a little winter to our hot summer home with homemade frost.

The concoction for this game is decidedly adult, so as a warning, do supervise closely to be sure that none of it is ingested.

First, mix together 5 tablespoons Epsom salts and 1 cup beer. The mixture gets so foamy right away – fun!

Jack Frost (1)

Let the mixture stand for 1/2 an hour, then head on over to a window to make frost. Note: I recommend covering the floor or any window sills with an old towel.

Jack Frost (2)

Using a sponge, dip into the mixture and dab onto the windows. Travis loved this part.

Jack Frost (3)

We then dabbed with a wet paper towel, before letting the mixture dry. To be honest, the final sparkling effect was not as noticeable as I had hoped, but we did have little streaks that looked like winter morning frost!

Jack Frost (4)

And then perhaps the most enjoyable part for my little helper, we got to wipe the windows clean.

Jack Frost (6)


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