Salt Water vs. Fresh Water

Salt v Fresh (5)

With so much time spent at the beach over the summer, the topic of salt water is bound to come up – that big ocean contains so much water, but it’s no good for drinking! Here’s a neat way to explore some of the different properties of salt versus fresh water at home.

First, pour a generous amount of salt into a cup of water, and stir to dissolve. Pour a second cup full of fresh water.

Salt v Fresh (!)

Next, we added ice cubes to each.

Salt v Fresh (2)

Finally, we mixed up a batch of red food coloring; a dark color is best here, so you can fully see the results.

Salt v Fresh (3)

Slowly pour the food coloring into the top of each glass. Your child will see that it sinks in the fresh water, but stays on top of the salt water.

Salt v Fresh (4)

A quick and easy early lesson on density!

Travis had fun playing with leftover colored water and ice cubes for some time, making this activity a big hit.

Salt v Fresh (6)

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