Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar

Pipe Caterpillar (5).JPG

I was delighted to see Travis pretending this morning that he was on a “nature walk” around our apartment, taking along a bucket and finding “treasures.” One of the items we never found on a true nature walk this fall was a wooly bear caterpillar – so we decided to make a few to find around the house!

Wrap pipe cleaners around a pencil tightly, then simply slide off. I only had brown pipe cleaners at home, which served our purpose perfectly, but feel free to be inventive with colors: shiny caterpillars, multi-colored caterpillars, whatever suits your child’s fancy!

Pipe Caterpillar (1)

Travis immediately was wiggling them around the “forest floor.”

Pipe Caterpillar (3)

He then stretched out some of the coils so they could be worms instead – I love when his imagination takes a game in a direction I hadn’t anticipated.

Pipe Caterpillar (6)

He then wanted a turn coiling a pipe cleaner around the pencil, which was tricky for him, but he loved trying it out.

Pipe Caterpillar (7)

We ended up gluing googly eyes on just a couple of the caterpillars, for an extra adorable touch.

Pipe Caterpillar (4)