One, Please

One Please (3)

Here’s a quick but fun way to get your toddler thinking about counting (just to one and two for now), as well as a first lesson on using fingers to count and represent a number.

I set Veronika up in her high chair with cereal puffs for a snack, an old favorite. First I gave her one. “You have one puff,” I told her. Whoops, which quickly was back to zero!

One Please (1)

Then I put out two puffs and counted them. One puff, two puff. To make it trickier, I then put a whole handful on the tray, but asked her to give me one puff. Success.

One Please (2)

Could she hand me two puffs? Double success! I loved that she did this two-handed, one puff per hand, which was a neat insight into her brain.

One Please (4)

Now we turned to the concept of holding up a finger. I asked if she wanted one cracker, holding up one of my own fingers to demonstrate. Then I helped her shape her hand so only one finger was up. Repeat the word “one” and the gesture; it’s okay if your toddler doesn’t get it on the first round!

One Please (5)

Repeat with two crackers (or a similar snack), and help your little one hold up two fingers.

One Please (6)

This was just a first foray, but a great foundation for counting down the road. Either way, my guess is your toddler will ask for more more more of whatever is on the snack menu!

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