Bow and Arrow


Bow and Arrow (4)

I’ve tried to make this simple bow and arrow with Travis before, but every time we try I realize I don’t have the right size dowel! The first time, our dowels were too thick. Today, they were honestly too thin, but we managed to make it work. Ideally, look for craft dowels that are 3/16 of an inch. Don’t have any dowels? You might try this craft stick version instead.

In addition to being very thin, the dowel we had on hand was very long, so we only needed one piece. If you’re using craft dowels, secure two together tightly with duct tape, overlapping the ends a bit.

Use additional tape to wrap near each edge, winding until it’s about a 1/2-inch thick. Travis loved the challenge of this step! We used Washi tape, but duct tape would work, too.

Bow and Arrow (1)

Cut a string that is a bit longer than the dowel(s). Secure with a knot just above the tape on one end, then pull tight against the dowel and secure at the other end. This is your bowstring.

Bow and Arrow (3)

For harmless arrows, we used straws. Cut a notch in one end so you can hook it onto the bowstring. Travis wanted to add a marshmallow to the front of each arrow. Here at Camp Mom, why not!

Bow and Arrow (7)

It took a few tries before Travis was able to make the arrow fly forward, but he was so proud once he was successful.

Bow and Arrow (6)

This is a great craft for a summer day at home.


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