Water Play

Water Play (3)

We suddenly had a day that was 60 degrees and rainy and felt more like fall than summer. And truth be told, I wasn’t ready for it! What do you do when you suddenly can’t head outside for water play, like you’ve grown accustomed to all summer? Bring the water play in.

I wanted Veronika to play for a while as I worked in the kitchen, so all I did was drag in the baby wading pool from our patio and place it on a towel on the kitchen floor. I added toys from our indoor bath, as opposed to beach toys, which instantly made the pool seem novel. Then it was simply a matter of putting her in a swim diaper and putting her in!

Water Play (1)

She was initially hesitant to sit, until I added slightly warmer water.

Water Play (2)

Once that was taken care of, she was happily scooping and pouring with cups, and enjoying other bathtub favorites like toy frogs and bath books.

Water Play (4)

Next time I think I would add her plastic teapot and teacups, too! This is a great way to pass some time when those rainy days start to feel extra long.

Water Play (5)


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