Rice Sensory I Spy Bag

This activity is part sensory bag and part “I Spy” game, and a great option to take in the car for long rides!

The goal is to hide a few trinkets in a bag of rice, but you’ll need to take a picture of those items, first. You can use a variety of items (think buttons, thimbles, pennies etc.), but I decided to make the game about color, too. That meant I used all one item (flower-shaped beads) but in different colors.

Thanks to a recent gift of a Zink jet printer, I snapped a pic and was able to print it right from my phone, saving the need for a trip to the one-hour photo!

Next, I poured 1 cup rice into a small zip-top plastic bag, then added the flower beads from the picture. Press out the air, then seal and shake to distribute. Place this bag inside a second zip-top bag (for security against rips and tears); seal and then add an edge of colored duct tape for a finished look.

Now, I handed the Veronika the bag, along with the picture! She picked a color from the picture, then searched for that matching bead in the rice. Or sometimes she did the reverse, spotting a bead and then looking over at her picture to see which one matched.

To make this easy to take along in the car, punch a hole in the corner of the picture and in a corner of the bag, then attach them together with a small length of yarn or string.

Flower Power

Just in time to fill a homemade flower vase for Mother’s Day, today Veronika made cupcake-liner flowers!

You’ll want to use green straws as the stems to start, but since I couldn’t find green ones at the store, a quick coat of green paint did the trick! We left the stems to dry and turned our attention to the flower petals.

If you have brightly colored or patterned cupcake liners, those would look beautiful just the way they are. I only had standard cupcake liners, so we decided to add a little flair. Veronika loved that she was allowed to use permanent marker for this step, making swirls and dots all over.

Of course then they needed a few squirts of glitter glue! Finally, we put a dot of glue in the center of each cupcake liner and added a pom pom.

Flatten the end of each green straw slightly, and apply a drop of glue. Press onto the back of the cupcake liner and let dry. (Note: you can also use tape for this step if your little one is impatient).

Set into a vase and the flowers are ready to present to a special someone this Mother’s Day!

In fact, I might just keep these around the house since there’s no shame in orchestrating your own Mother’s Day gift!