Block Printing

Veronika has been uncharacteristically hesitant to get her hands messy lately, so today I made chunky stamps she could paint with instead, no risk of painted fingers!

To start, I used hot glue to attach a strip of textured ribbon onto old wooden blocks. Any raised ribbon or rickrack would work well for this particular purpose.

I then poured a little paint into a shallow plate, and set it out with the “stamps” and thick paper.

Veronika loved the colors, and experimented with dipping the blocks in the paint and pressing down.

Our blocks tended to make muddled prints at first, but as the paint thinned out, the texture of the ribbon would become ever more apparent.

This led to such a nice variety of shapes and prints for her to explore on her paper!

I think the results would have been even better with rickrack. If you make your blocks with rickrack, we’d love to hear how it goes in the comments!

Pom Pom Target Practice

Pom Pom Target (4)

Learning to huff down through a straw is a great skill for kids to master. It’s the first step towards blowing bubbles, tooting into a flute, and so much more. To help hone the skill, we practice today on pom poms, and threw in a target for good measure!

To set up, I taped two squares on the floor with masking tape, one smaller one inside a larger.

Pom Pom Target (1)

Veronika was quite intrigued when she saw the set up with the straws, and for a while was mainly interested in the straws themselves, practicing her huffing skills.

Pom Pom Target (2)

Then I showed her how to aim the straw at a pom pom, which would send it skittering towards the middle. We got silly down on our tummies as we took aim.

Pom Pom Target (3)

It was hard for her to move the pom poms very far, but she giggled for each one I sent skittering. For a little extra hand-eye-coordination, I set a plastic container in the center, and she started tossing the pom poms in. “Plop!” she said, as she dropped each one.

Pom Pom Target (5)

Then she would dump the bin and start over! Whether huffing through a straw or tossing with hands, this game is a great way to hone a toddler’s target skills.

Pom Pom Target (6)