Fingerpainting Fun

Fingerpainting (5)

Equipped with a new set of fingerpaints, Veronika tested a whole variety of methods to use them today!

Of course fingerpaints are always fun, even if all you do is dollop a blob of paint onto thick paper and let your toddler go to town. But for some novelty, we tried the following. First, I chilled one color in the fridge (purple) and briefly warmed a second color (orange) in the microwave, for about 10 seconds.

Fingerpainting (1)

Now she could dip in her fingers, alternating between the warm and the cold for a neat sensory element to the painting!

Fingerpainting (2)

Next, I dribbled some water onto a sheet of paper, then added fingerpaint (this time red). The water makes the paint seize up into little blobs, swirl around, and act in all sorts of funny ways. The slippery sliding definitely adds to the enjoyment!

Fingerpainting (6)

I poured out another color (blue) and this time poured a little salt on top. This makes the paint not only have a different texture, but also gives it a bit of sparkle. Veronika particularly loved this variation, preferring to smear it around with a craft stick instead of her fingers.

Fingerpainting (3)

Finally, we poured some paint (green) directly onto a craft tray. This thick paint was just begging to be swirled through, and we mixed in other colors too. When she was done, I pressed a sheet of paper on top, then lifted up to reveal a neat print.

Fingerpainting (7)

For something slightly more artistic, we made a fingerpaint pineapple! On a plate, we mixed a few neon colors (yellow, blue, and orange) for a tropical vibe. I showed Veronika how to dip her thumb in, then press it at intervals on paper to form a pineapple shape. Needless to say, her toddler version didn’t come out as a recognizable pineapple, but she loved looking at my mommy version. We added green fronds on top with our thumbs, too.

Fingerpainting (9)

If all that isn’t enough fingerpaint exploration, don’t forget your toddler can always paint right on the windows.

Fingerpainting (10)


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