Play in a Box

Boxes can be anything and everything, but often when we play with them, I give Veronika a prompt or we embellish the boxes in some way. Today, we had several empty delivery boxes in the house, and I simply presented them to her as is, curious to see what she’d do with them!

First, she wanted to climb in. I did add a little bit of detail with crayon so she had a “steering wheel” and dashboard, and now it was her race car! Similarly, you can quickly make a box into a boat or plane with just a few swipes of crayon.

Next, I turned the box so the opening was on the bottom. Now it was a perfect table! I loved watching her stage a tea party in the afternoon sunlight. A box like this is also perfect for kitchen or restaurant play.

Finally, we turned a few smaller boxes on their sides. Now they were a perfect stable for horses…

…or a cozy house for her puppy dog!

What will your child do with a box? Please share in the comments!

Lines of Tape

2 Lines of Tape (1)

Sometimes, facilitating a full morning of play is as simple as laying down a few lines of tape on the floor. To wit, here are several different ways we played with tape on this lazy Sunday!

The first idea came from Hands on as We Grow, using a few strips of tape to build gross motor skills. Lay down six lines of tape so they are almost like the rungs of a ladder. First, the kids hopped forward on them.

6 Lines of Tape (2)

But a bigger challenge was next: Hop backwards!

6 Lines of Tape (3)

Big brother Travis then tackled the course on one foot; hopping like this is still too advanced for Veronika, but she loved watching.

6 Lines of Tape (4)

Next, I challenged them to see how far their legs could stretch. Travis proudly got across 5 lines! Veronika loved imitating his pose.

6 Lines of Tape (5)

Next up was reaching with the arms…

6 Lines of Tape (6)

…and then with whole bodies! Travis was a full 6 lines tall, and Veronika stretched across 5. She wanted to measure up her stuffed puppy, too!

6 Lines of Tape (7)

From here, we moved on to a different activity using colored lines of tape. This time I taped down three different colors of duct tape, each one taking a few twists and turns.

2 Lines of Tape (5)

The first challenge was to move the building blocks in the same color as the line from one end of it to the other.

2 Lines of Tape (4)

Veronika diligently followed the lines with dainty footsteps…

2 Lines of Tape (7)

… and then loved building up structures at the other end! When I gave her red blocks and asked her to follow the red line, she looked so confused for moment until I amended, “The pink line!” This girl knows her colors.

2 Lines of Tape (6)

We ended the day with a relay race!

2 Lines of Tape (8)

This final activity was great for balance; I handed each kid a spoon with a ping pong ball balanced in the center and they each picked a colored line to walk along.

2 Lines of Tape (9)

They loved racing to the finish, Travis on green and Veronika on blue. Travis was so proud to win, and loved cheering on his little sister, too!

2 Lines of Tape (10)