Sprinkled Candy Bar Wrappers

Confetti Sprinkles Fathers Day (6)

The fun shredded paper “confetti” on these DIY candy bar wrappers makes them perfect to give as a gift! To wit, we made this craft today to gift on Father’s Day.

To start, you’ll need lots of tiny pieces of paper. This would be a great chance for preschoolers to work on their cutting skills, but for Veronika, it was about playing with the pieces after I cut them!

Confetti Sprinkles Fathers Day (2)

I then wrapped two chocolate bars in additional sheets of construction paper. We chose orange and blue, for the colors of daddy’s favorite sports team of course.

Confetti Sprinkles Fathers Day (3)

Next, a grown-up will need to make a design or word on the top of each wrapper. Ours featured a heart on one and the letters D-A-D on the other.

Confetti Sprinkles Fathers Day (5)

Then Veronika sprinkled our paper “confetti” down on the glue. Tap lightly over a trash can to remove any excess paper pieces and let dry complete.

Confetti Sprinkles Fathers Day (4)

The DAD version was a little harder to read than we’d hoped, but the heart was clear as could be, and needless to say daddy loved them!


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