10 Outdoor Toys

10 Outdoor (1)

Lounging outside on a summer afternoon is so indulgent and lazy… Until kids come along! Here are my favorite ten toys to keep on the back patio to entertain the kids, so I can maybe – just maybe! – steal a lazy moment in summer sunshine.

Gardening Tools:

This category can include so many things, whether a mini wheelbarrow; kid-sized versions of garden shears, shovels, and hoes; pretend flower pots; or a watering can.

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Veronika loves using our garden set for imaginative play, and the watering can in particular has so many uses, whether watering pretend flowers, real grass, or just making puddles to stomp in!

10 Outdoor (2)

Baseball Tee:

It goes without saying that you’ll also want a wiffle bat and ball, which are lightweight enough even for the youngest toddlers. Veronika loves to take a whack at the tee! The sturdy tee also means no parents are needed for pitching practice.

10 Outdoor (12)


Trucks are great inside, but they’re equally great outside. We like to bring out the bigger ones (Veronika loves her dump truck) and load it with nature treasures or toys. Hint: It can also be used to ferry all those wiffle balls back to the tee after they’ve been scattered around the yard.

10 Outdoor (4)


Okay, this category means I sometimes get up off the patio chair, but it’s worth it! Whether we’re tossing a football or kicking a soccer ball, the kids are working on their gross motor skills and we’re having a bonding moment.

10 Outdoor (10)


I always leave chalk pieces in a cup so little hands can reach in and start drawing any time.

10 Outdoor (5)

If you want more direction with your chalk games, check out our recent fun with Sidewalk Simon or chalk mazes.

10 Outdoor (14)


A bottle of soap and a wand, enough said. Both kids love to blow bubbles, insisting they can do it all by themselves.

10 Outdoor (15)

Bow and Arrow:

This one is more for older kids, but Travis loves to take aim at nearby trees with our suction-cup tipped arrows.

10 Outdoor (7)

Hula Hoops:

Whether the kids are using them around the hips, or to hop in and out of as part of an obstacle course, hula hoops never go out of style.

10 Outdoor (11)


A small plastic toddler slide takes up almost no space, but provides endless entertainment. Climb up, slide down, run back to the steps, and repeat!

10 Outdoor (13)


Yup, one of Veronika’s favorite things to do on the patio is clean! And this being outdoors, there’s always something to sweep up. Toddlers feel so important when they can join in with grown-up chores, so make sure to stock a broom that’s just the right size for little hands.

10 Outdoor (9)

What are your child’s outdoor favorites? Please share in the comments!

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