Slide Painting Activity

Slide Painting (6)

Summer weather has us moving our painting to outdoor canvases, and today we found a way that was completely novel and new! To start, I lined our toddler slide with a large sheet of craft paper, securing with masking tape. It was also helpful to place an empty trash bag flat at the bottom of the slide, since this would protect the grass underneath from paint.

Slide Painting (1)

I then poured washable paint into plastic cups, thinning each with a little water.

Slide Painting (2)

Veronika’s task was to climb the rungs of the slide, and pour each cup of paint down. The colors instantly mix and run together in neat ways.

Slide Painting (4)

And then your child can help with the process along with a paintbrush.

Slide Painting (5)

The surface of the slide made such a neat impromptu “easel”!

Slide Painting (7)

When your child is done, simply gather up that messy paper, stuff it in the trash bag that’s already on hand, and clean-up is done!


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