Sprinkler Fun, Six Ways

Sprinkler 6 ways (8)

Sometimes all you need to occupy those long summer days are an old-fashioned sprinkler and a hose. To wit, we headed outside today and found so many ways to get wet and wild!

First, I used the hose to fill up the baby pool with an ankle-deep layer of water. A toddler slide aimed into it plus a few hula hoops to jump through, and voila, it was an instant teeny water park-slash-obstacle course!

Sprinkler 6 ways (1)

The kids were hesitant about the splashy finish at first…

Sprinkler 6 ways (4)

But soon this was like their own mini trip to Disney World’s Splash Mountain!

Sprinkler 6 ways (6)

Then we set up the sprinkler on the lawn and tested out Freeze Dance. Just crank your kids’ favorite radio station from the car or a speaker, and turn down the volume now and then. Freeze!

Sprinkler 6 ways (7)

Next up was acting like an animal. Travis hopped through the spray bravely like a frog…

Sprinkler 6 ways (9)

…and trotted like a horse!

Sprinkler 6 ways (10)

Veronika was a little hesitant to run right through the spray, so we took it down a notch to try out some toddler-friendly games. She wasn’t brave enough to put her whole body in, but she was brave enough for the Hokey Pokey!

Sprinkler 6 ways (12)

“You put your left arm in, you put your left arm out…” Simon Says is ideal, too, for coaxing little kids to get wet one body part at a time. We ended with some final big kid fun, taking out our Twister mat but making the game extra slippery and tricky. Left foot on red everyone!

Sprinkler 6 ways (3)

What’s your family’s favorite way to play with a sprinkler? Please share in the comments!

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