Rainbow-Style Water Table

Rainbow Style (7)

Acting on a suggestion from Parents magazine, today we made Veronika’s water table full of all the colors of the rainbow!

The key to this fun activity was colored foam soap, a product I’d never used before, but which was worth the cost of a few bottles for the fun. To set up, fill your water table with a little water, have buckets of extra water or a filled watering can at the ready, and let the foamy fun begin!

Rainbow Style (3)

Needless to say, Veronika was delighted as soon as we squirted out the first batch of foamy soap. “More blue! More red!” she insisted.

Rainbow Style (2)

She loved filling up a mini bucket, then scraping off a layer of foam with the shovel and filling the funnels and water slide on her table.

Rainbow Style (4)

She could pour water onto the soap to make it dissolve, or swish it around in the compartments of the water table for a sudsy layer.

Rainbow Style (6)

And of course then we’d squirt in more to start all over again!

Rainbow Style (5)

If you want to take the rainbow factor to the next level, add colored water beads into the mix. I was worried, however, that these would bounce off our patio and pose a threat to wildlife, so we quickly scooped them back out again.

Rainbow Style (1)

The other drawback is that the soapy water seeped off the patio and into the grass. So while it was fun for one summer afternoon, you probably don’t want to make this activity an everyday occurrence!

Rainbow Style (8)