Verb Race

Get in your sunshine, gross motor skills, and grammar reviewwith this fun game, which aims to mitigate the “summer slide”.

It started with a quick review for Travis: what kind of word is a verb? Once he remembered that a verb is an action word, we used chalk to draw a Start and Finish line on our driveway. Line your kids up at the start, select a verb, and then do that motion all the way to the finish. First up: Jump!

Note: It doesn’t have to be a true competition, especially if your kids have a wide age gap like mine. The fun is just to move and Veronika eagerly “jumped” after little brother as best she could, while he cheered her on from the finish.

From here, we had rounds with tip-toeing…


…and flying!

Encourage your kids to be as creative as possible with their verbs and as big as possible with their motions, and everyone’s a winner in this race!