My Own Map

My Own Map (5)

Learning to draw things from a bird’s eye view is a crucial step for kids as they start to understand and read maps. This was a fun activity (with a treat at the end!) to help Travis visualize our home as if he were poised up above.

I told him we were each going to draw the other person a map with a hunt through the house, starting at one point and following a path to end at another. Dessert (the always-vegan Oreo cookie!) would be waiting at the end.

My Own Map (1)

It was fascinating to see how Travis pictured things, including attention to detail like his coiled stuffed snake on top of our living room couch, or the arched doorway between the hall and kitchen.

My Own Map (3)

He was proud to make the staircase look like “stepping stones”. My surprise cookies were at the top of the stairs.

My Own Map (6)

Then it was his turn to navigate my map, which proved to be an interesting lesson in how he interpreted my drawing. “Is that the couch or table?” he asked, for example, before finding his way.

My Own Map (4)

X marked the spot and he found his sweet reward.

My Own Map (8)

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